Samantha Moore
S'Moore Studios Art and Photography




With an imagination running wild, I am constantly bringing ideas and designs to light with various medias including, but not limited to, graphic design, painting, drawing, ceramics, and more.


Cat Food

This series is my most recent, and by far most popular, series yet. Want to see your favorite food fused with a cat? Contact me for any requests!

Posters & Logos

From movie posters to logo design, I create aesthetic pieces to all kinds of clients. While I’m at it, why not design my own ads for S’Moore Studios as well?

Graphic Illustrations

I have found myself appreciating what the Adobe Suite has to offer. As I keep creating new images, they become more technical and clean. 

Drawings, Paintings, & More

I like to keep the practice of creating art interesting and fresh by switching up mediums quite often. With a specialty in drawing, it has become my base to all art I make.