Samantha Moore
S'Moore Studios Art and Photography




With so many things in this world to photograph, I branch much farther than one subject matter.


Landscape & Sky photography

The great outdoors is a fascinating place. My goal is to share the moments, colors, and beauty that nature has to offer.

animals and wildlife

There are so many creatures, yet many fail to recognize the unique characteristics and personalities of the Animal Kingdom. With patience, I wait for the right shots. 

PORTRAITure & Sports

From weddings to graduations, I strive to capture experiences for people to look back at for generations to come.

Foods & Products

With lighting equipment and careful manipulation of product and food placement, I focus on details, texture, and color,


With countless patterns, textures, and colors that different plants showcase, I find myself in gardens and trails taking in these details.

Real Estate

I have recently taken up real estate photography. More to come!!